Vanja Karas


by : Vanja Karas

Vanja has over 10 years of professional experience in a variety of visual media ranging from theatre, film, video and graphic design. Over the last few years she has mainly been focused on her photographic work. Her recent series of photographs, primarily portraits, were taken in Nepal, China, Cambodia, Bhutan, India, Egypt, Kenya and Tanzania.

Vanja graduated from the University of Arts in Belgrade, followed by an MA at RADA and Kings College London. Currently she lives in London and works as a photographer and as the Creative Director of the design agency Magenta Grove London.

'I am always drawn to, and curious about, people and as a result I have taken literally thousands of portraits of people from around the world. I seek to somehow remove my subjects from their everyday reality and encapsulate them in their own unique personal space.'

Photo © Vanja Karas

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