Dale Yudelman

Reality Bytes

by : Dale Yudelman

Mankind's experiences are subjective by nature defined according to our own personal standpoint, and regardless of our many common social structures and histories, each is, essentially uniquely felt by the individual.

We share a consciousness that we assume is intrinsic to us all, especially if what is viewed is experienced simultaneously. Traditionally, photography has been relied upon - more than other art forms to render a true account of a common reality. Events when captured on film can be described as 'decisive moments'. Yet these moments, without the use of a darkroom or computer, can be altered to transform and distort history, depending on how the photographer chooses to portray what occurs.

Given the brief history of photography deliberately composed images are not revolutionary. Jerry Uelsmann's photographs from the 1960's, were constructed using two or more negatives to form a composite image. Further back Lee Friedlander used photographic images which were elided, to make a single composite image. This methodology paved the way for the assertion that there is no aesthetic difference between photography and the other visual arts and advanced the medium as a whole.

'Reality Bytes' - are images that portray decisive moments in a collective still. Embracing fictive 'truths' which retain the raw quality of real moments without compromising the authentic ethics and precepts required by photographic naturalism. Imbued with story-telling innuendo, satirical humor and social commentary - within a global fabric, this collection of images aims to deflect the psyche from its usual ratlin, to challenge and provoke the assumptive mind. Fable and fact blend to create a new reality that dwells within the eye of the beholder. (Words by Simone Tredoux)

Enter the Exhibition

Dale Yudelman's career in photography has led him through two eras of South African history as well as across several continents. Born in Johannesburg, he began photographing at a young age under the tutelage of his father and was barely out of his teens in 1979 when he landed a job as staff photographer at South Africa's largest daily newspaper The Star. This was a time of intense social and political turmoil and Yudelman worked simultaneously on press photography for The Star and his own personal body of work 'Suburbs in Paradise.' Taken in and around the suburbs of Johannesburg between 1979 and 1985, this series communicates the reality of life in South Africa under Apartheid with a poetic, metaphorical vision quite distinct from reportage.

Yudelman's compassionate and imaginative honesty speaks truths about South African culture that is still relevant to an understanding of the culture today. In 1986 Yudelman left South Africa, working as a freelance photographer first in London and later in Los Angeles. He returned to the newly democratic South Africa in 1996 and currently lives in Cape Town. For the past five years he has been working collaboratively with painter Arlene Amaler-Raviv, creating multi-media images addressing a wide range of social and political issues - their most recent work 'Live Stock' was exhibited at the 8th Havana Biennale, Cuba and Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, Norway. Yudelman's photographs from his ongoing series 'Reality Bytes' have been featured in numerous shows in South Africa, Europe and the USA.

Website : www.urbanart.co.za.