Inge Prins

Daar is 'n slang in die gras

by : Inge Prins

At a first glance these familiar landscapes evoke the old South African landscape paintings of the 'Cape School' of 1800's. But a closer look reveals different visual layers and the images become more complex. There are hints of painted backdrops, fake rocks and in places glimpses of reptiles. We are looking into the little vacuumed landscapes behind a layer of glass in the National History museum world.

Daar is 'n slang in die gras (there is a snake in the grass) is an old Afrikaans idiom, which suggests that there everything is suspiciously not as it seems.In a subtle way, it is a commentary on the South African historical landscape - a fabricated world for display that was irrevocably treacherous.

The images have a serene painterly quality with an uncanny eeriness that makes the viewer engage and became wary at the same time.

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Credit: Iziko museums, Cape Town.

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